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Live In-Game Betting

Offer your Players Dynamic, In-Play Wagering that Increases Player Engagement and Excitement While Increasing Your Profits

The Ultimate in Live Betting

It’s not enough to simply offer basic sports betting options these days. Your players are looking for a higher level of service where they can be more engaged in the betting action and Live In-Game is the most popular feature in sports betting today. Players have a more engaged wagering experience where they can bet on the game while watching the game. Live In-Game is great for the bookie too, as it is shown to be a lucrative option for player retention and boosting overall betting volume.

All Major Sports

The Standard offers Live In-Game betting on all major sports including football, baseball, hockey, basketball, soccer, golf and tennis. With immediate grading of wagers, your players can keep betting throughout the entire game!

More Betting Options

Players want more betting options so they aren’t limited to placing 2 or 3 bets on a single game. With Live In-Game, they can place dozen of bets on one game leading to bigger profits thanks to a higher hold percentage.

User Friendly

Our user-friendly interface elevates the excitement of live betting to new heights. Players can effortlessly place single straight bets or parlays, selecting their wager type after making their choices. Each game includes a real-time scoreboard that offers a live game feed, play-by-play results, and comprehensive statistics.

Live In-Game Betting is Included Free!

You read that right, our Live In-Game betting solution is included as part of your weekly package at no additional cost. Other per head shops charge $3 – $5 per player to add Live In-Game to your package. With The Standard, premium software features are always included for free, so you know up-front that you are getting the best deal in the industry.

By choosing The Standard’s pay per head software, you’re providing your players with the ultimate betting experience while ensuring your bookie business thrives both now and into the future. Our comprehensive features, cost-effective pricing, and superior service set us apart from the competition, making us the best value in pay per head. Join us and see the difference that quality and innovation can make for your business.


Increased Player Handle

Live Betting Options Accelerate Player Handle

When activated (for free), your players can bet on live events, and once they do, the fun never stops. It has been reported that when players utilize live-betting features, their overall handle increased by 160% over their previous year’s action. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to increase your profits with Live In-Game Betting.