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Prop Builder Walkthrough

Help your players understand how to use Prop Builder to customize their wagers

 How to Use the Prop Builder Tool

With this tool your players can build their own props (quickly and easily), giving them a ton more betting options than ever before.


Click on the Prop Builder link in the top navigation. Your players will need to Prop Builder activated in their account to see this navigation option. Contact support for help setting up Prop Builder in your account.


The main Prop Builder screen will load with links to active sports and current game odds. To begin building a custom prop, choose Build Mode.

Prop Builder Main Screen


The Build Your Bet screen will appear with the option to build three different bet types. With this tool, the player has multiple exciting options at their fingertips. They can pit favorite players against one another, or bet on them to achieve a statistical milestone together, the options are endless.



A bet on a single player to achieve a specific statistical performance. For example, Patrick Mahomes to throw 3 or more touchdowns against Miami. 


A bet on two players combined to achieve a statistical performance. For example, Mahomes and Allen to throw for 600 yards combined. 


A head-to-head bet where you select one player to outperform another. For example, Mahomes to throw for more yards than Allen. 

Prop Builder


Prop Builder Selection
Prop Builder Build Your Bet

Click on the plus (+) sign to make a selection from the left window of prop builder. The selection will then be added to the Build Your Bet window. Note: clicking on the graph icon to the left of the player’s name will show that player’s statistics over the previous 5 games.

Once you are in the Build Your Bet window, choose which type of bet you would like to build; Stat, Combined or H2H. With the bet type selected, you then use the drop down menu to choose the statistic you would like to customize for the bet.



Odds are generated automatically and displayed below your selections. Adding or subtracting from your chosen statistic (ie: yards, touchdowns, etc.) adjusts the Total Odds instantly. Selecting the team to win will also boost the Total Odds for the bet. Once your selection is set, click Add to Bet Slip to continue.

The bet slip will provide the wager details. Enter the amount of the bet to see the total return. Review the wager details carefully and click on Submit Bet to place the wager. 


Prop Builder Add to Bet Slip
Prop Builder Submit Bet


A final confirmation screen will pop-up to lock in the wager’s details. Click the Confirm button to place and finalize the bet.

A success message will appear to confirm that the bet was successfully submitted. To view the submitted bet, click on Pending in the top navigation of the website to display all Open Bets.


Prop Builder Confirm Bet


Observed Hold Percent

Boost Your Hold Percent

When activated (for free), your players can create their own props. And, the best news is the average hold percent for prop builder is consistently around 15% with some players topping out at an amazing 17% hold, making this one of the best ways to boost your profits at no additional cost.