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Upgrade Your Game

Create your own fantasy sportsbook
that automates your tasks with no coding required

Any Device

Industry Leading Pay Per Head Software

Setting up your own account is easy (no credit card or personal information required). Quickly manage players, adjust lines, and run reports with just a few clicks.

Live Sports Data

With our real-time data feeds, you get fast and accurate sports lines 24/7

Player and Agent System

Time-saving management system that helps you keep track of all your data

Create the Book You Want

Easily setup your own book and customize your settings in minutes

Secure Cloud Based

Nothing to download. Made for any web-enabled device. SSL Security with 7 layered security defense.


User Friendly Interface

Our intuitive dynamic interface makes playing fun and easy for players to keep the action going.

Reports and Analytics

Run reports, analyze data and track trends quickly and easily with our time saving reports